These Classic Maps Could Return In Modern Warfare 2

Some classic Modern Warfare 2 maps could be making a return in the new game this year.

A new leak for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has revealed some new hints at classic maps making a return. Both games are expected to release later this year, and it seems they’ll be sharing quite a bit of DNA.

Classic Modern Warfare 2 maps could be making an appearance in Warzone 2, according to journalist Tom Henderson. The writer previously leaked the new “DMZ” mode which appears to be based on Escape From Tarkov.


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Henderson claims “old maps will be returning to not only the core title but to the Warzone 2 map itself. Within the Warzone 2 map, the maps have been added and expanded upon.”

He lists all the new points of interest on the Warzone 2 map, and 4 of them are based on classic Modern Warfare 2 maps. The maps in question are Afghan, Highrise, Terminal and Quarry. He also says there could be more in the mix (Favela, for example), but these are less certain.


Modern Warfare 2 Reimagined

It’s definitely interesting to see these maps potentially being worked into the Warzone map. Hopefully they’ll also be fully playable in regular multiplayer for the new Modern Warfare 2 as well.

The maps seem to have different names in Warzone 2, though. Quarry is still called Quarry, but Highrise is Modern City, Afghan is now Caves, and Terminal is called Airport.

In addition, Henderson detailed the new DMZ mode which is Modern Warfare 2’s third gamemode. It’s an extraction-based gamemode where players “fight against other players and AI as they try to complete objectives, loot up and extract”.


Call of Duty fans definitely have a lot to look forward to if these leaks prove to be accurate. It shouldn’t be too long before we know for sure.

Featured Image Credit: Activision