Are Black Ops 3’s Supply Drops Illegal? Possibly.

Alright, so ever since Advanced Warfare started the trend of allowing guns to be in a sort of lottery system, it’s created a lot of outrage in the gaming community. Black Ops 3’s developers, Treyarch, promised to not do this, but of course, big daddy Activision stepped in and told them they had to. However, … Read more

‘Know Your Enemy’ Teaser Released For Next Call of Duty Game

About an hour ago, the Call of Duty Facebook page that sits at about 24 million likes went live with a 24 minute-long stream. The stream itself consisted of the same 33 second clip repeated over and over the entire time. Along with that, they also updated their profile picture and cover photo. It looks like Activision … Read more

Left 4 Dead 3 Rumors, E3 2016 Reveal?

Valve is one of the biggest names in gaming. All of their games in recent memory have been huge hits. To name a few, you have the two Half-Life games, two Left 4 Dead games, two Dota’s, two Team Fortresses, two Portal games, and well…Counter Strike, which has many released versions. Now most of you should … Read more

Report: PlayStation Store Leaks Official COD 2016 Name

It appears the next Call of Duty is going to be called Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This doesn’t come as a big shock however, considering it was heavily thought to take place in the distant future anyway, even including space battles. Now, this leak is incredibly strong considering it was put on the PlayStation … Read more

Microsoft Announce It’s Ending Xbox 360 Production

Image credit – This one is heavy. Microsoft has officially announced today that they’re no longer producing Xbox 360s. This comes only 5 months after celebrating the consoles 10th birthday. Head of Microsoft, Phil Spencer had this to say: Xbox 360 means a lot to everyone in Microsoft, And while we’ve had an amazing run, … Read more