Exclusive PS4 Video Game Without Memory Revealed

A new video game set to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 has been announced. The video game Without Memory is being developed by Dinosaurum Games. Details have been released through the website launched for Without Memory. The information has been translated but the details of the game setting can be found below. “Without Memory … Read more

Watch Dogs Exclusive PlayStation Trailer Released

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated title Watch Dogs is coming out with an exclusive campaign for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. The campaign adds an hour of completely new campaign storyline. Players will take control of Aiden Pierce as he gets his revenge on the hacking group known as DedSec. Upon completing the campaign, an outfit known … Read more

Sony Reveals First Exclusive TV Show For PlayStation

Much like the Microsoft Xbox Live service, Sony has announced back in E3 of 2013 that the PlayStation console will have it’s own original TV programming. Now we’re finally getting an insight as to what exclusive TV show will be heading to the PlayStation console. Revealed by Deadline, one upcoming show is known as Powers. Based … Read more

Sony talks DriveClub Delay: ‘Back to the Drawing Board’

DriveClub was one of the first few games that was unveiled when the PS4 was revealed last year. Many months have gone by and energy for the DriveClub title has went from anticipating to questioning the lack of confidence in the game. The PS4 exclusive racing game developed by Evolution Studio, is owned by Sony. … Read more

Watch Dogs PS4 PS3 Bundles Revealed

The upcoming open world action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, has been revealed today that the game will be coming out this May 27th. Furthermore, there has been a reveal of two new bundles including the Watch Dogs title. According to the PlayStation Blog, the PlayStation 4 and the past generation PlayStation 3 will … Read more