Sony Reveals First Exclusive TV Show For PlayStation

Much like the Microsoft Xbox Live service, Sony has announced back in E3 of 2013 that the PlayStation console will have it’s own original TV programming. Now we’re finally getting an insight as to what exclusive TV show will be heading to the PlayStation console. Revealed by Deadline, one upcoming show is known as Powers.

Based off the graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, Powers follows the life of detective Christian Walker. Christian’s duty is to protect humans and solve cases that revolve around superhuman. The world within Powers contains a stronger human species with the ability of different powers and with their special unique abilities, some of these superhumans find themselves falling down a destructive path.

There will be 10 episodes for the first season with each running one hour long. Sony has yet to make any announcement on the pricing and availability of the show though we can assume that there will be plenty of new original shows that will be announced shortly for the PlayStation console with Powers. Once more information does get released, we will keep you updated.