Exclusive PS4 Video Game Without Memory Revealed

A new video game set to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 has been announced. The video game Without Memory is being developed by Dinosaurum Games. Details have been released through the website launched for Without Memory.

The information has been translated but the details of the game setting can be found below.

“Without Memory – is the story of how one moment can change the life of an ordinary girl who was no different from other people. Anna suddenly wakes up in the woods and realizes that just does not remember anything. She knows no address, no information about themselves and very frightened. Any actions and actions directly affect the storyline and the state of the protagonist.

You have to survive in harsh conditions, to make difficult decisions for which will have to bear responsibility. And finally – get the truth. Before our eyes, Anna will grow and develop. She learns to trust or to detect lies. The player’s actions will depend on the attitude of all the other characters.”

Without Memory will be a thriller title set to release sometime in 2016. For now, you can check out the concept art which has been released on the Dinosaurum website.