Sony Studio Pixel Opus Will Announce Vita Title E3 2014

Sony has a brand new studio known as Pixel Opus and apparently a PS Vita title will be announced from the studio during this year’s E3 expo. This of course, comes from a report made by New York Times.

The report from New York Times, talks about the class at Carnegie Mellon University in which students learned to develop video game titles on Sony’s handheld console, the PS Vita. During the course, some students managed to land an internship at Sony which even opened up opportunities for jobs within Sony.

These new employees will be working at a studio known as Pixel Opus where the studio will be announcing a video game during the E3 expo event. No details has been released as to what the video game will be though we’re assuming that it will most likely be a PS Vita title. For further details, please stay tuned right here at PSG!