PS5 Pro And New Xbox Series X Launch In 2023, According To Company

A Chinese electronics company has claimed that a PS5 Pro and new Xbox Series X console will both launch in 2023.

The news came during a conference by TCL Technology. In it, they said a new Xbox Series X/S and the PS5 Pro are coming either next year or in 2024.

According to TCL Technology, these consoles will have native 8K support and 120hz built in.

Of course, we need to take this with a grain of salt as nothing has been announced officially. Microsoft and Sony are both remaining light-tipped on news about their next consoles. It’s possible we get some kind of announcement in future showcases, but for now nothing is confirmed.

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PS5 Pro and New Xbox – Is It Likely?

It’s worth considering the possibilities. Last year, a report claimed a new PS5 model would be launching in 2023. It also claimed some kind of revision for the Xbox Series X was in the works too.

Another report claimed the same thing, and stated the PS5 would have double the performance. But that report didn’t mention the Xbox Series X. That doesn’t mean it was scrapped or anything, it just didn’t have any new information.

It’s certainly possible that new versions of these consoles could be coming out next year. PlayStation and Xbox both like to release multiple versions of their consoles. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are prime examples of this.

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Typically, these newer versions of consoles have improved performance, allowing players to have better gaming experiences as games become increasingly demanding. Currently we have no news of any kind of specific release date or price for future consoles.

We also don’t know if the Switch Pro is a real thing or not. Rumours have been floating around for a while though, but Nintendo has confirmed the current Switch is here to stay for now.