Preston Garvey loses his mind if you become a Raider in Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC

There was once a time, not long after Fallout 4 was released, that a seemingly helpful video game character provoked the ire of RPG players worldwide. The man is of course, Preston Garvey.

With his incessant pleas for help that never subside, he can really get on a player’s nerves. Well, with the recently released DLC Nuka-World, players will now have a chance to piss him off for good, unleashing their frustrations that have been pent up since Fallout 4′s launch. Becoming a Raider in the new DLC will definitely piss Garvey off for good.

As the footage shows below, courtesy of FluffyNinjaLlama, becoming a Raider and overtaking a settlement, which is a feature possible in the new DLC, will annoy Preston Garvey to a large extent. Check it out:


YouTube video

Preston will remark to the player, “I trusted you, and then you joined up with the scum that prey on the Commonwealth?” before giving up his friendship. Oops.