Super Mario Run announced for iOS devices during iPhone 7 reveal

It’s finally happening. Mario will officially come to the iPhone this holiday season. The surprise appearance of Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto at the Apple conference has yielded good results as Super Mario Run, an iOS runner with graphics similar to the New Super Mario Bros. was announced.

However, the app, which will come to the App Store this holiday season, will be paid one and not free-to-play.


Reacting to Mario Run’s announcement, Apple said, “We’re going to release the game at a set price. You won’t have to worry about continuing to pay. We’ll announce more later, but we’ll release Super Mario Run by the Holidays of 2016.”

Here are all the details we know so far

  1. In Mario for iOS, you’ll play a plumber who must fill all of the headphone jacks before time runs out.
  2. Apparently similar to the Rayman games, Mario can jump over gaps and enemies by tapping on the screen.
  3. The longer you tap, the higher and longer Mario jumps. 
  4. There’s also a battle mode for multiple players 
  5. Paid game, not free to play, no subscriptions or anything.
  6. Pricing to be announced later, but will come out in time for holiday 2016.
  7. There’s also a set of Super Mario stickers for iMessage, that will come out alongside iOS 10.

This could mean that Apple would now have a crackdown on all the clone Mario apps before the game hits app stores this holidays.