Here Are The Best Preston Garvey Memes – Fallout 4’s Own “Meme” Star

“General. Another settlement needs your help. I’ll mark it on your map.”

These are the words that are haunting Fallout 4 players everywhere. He’s around every corner, behind every door, and lurks deep within every irradiated cess pool. Preston Garvey will find you and when he does, he’ll tell you all about the settlements littered around Boston, in need of your help.

This in turn has given birth to Fallout 4’s own “Arrow to the Knee” guy and he’s surely well on his way to breaking the internet.

In honor of his dilligence to being the message boy of settlements and people he doesn’t even know, we’ve decided to comprise a list of his 15 best memes. Here they are:

Saving the settlements, one floating rock at a time.


Search for your kidnapped son? No, instead save these people you don’t know.


Preston can get tense from time to time.


He also edits signs to rope in more pre-war, recently thawed out vault dwellers.


Preston has his hands in all sorts of.. methods of informing you.


Thought you were safe to play some good ol’ Mario?


Ahh, time to crack open this fortune coo… DAMMIT!


Better get to work, Preston loves marking new settlements for you to save on your map.


This one is pretty self explanatory..


He’s getting desparate at this point..


You’ll never watch this scene the same again.


Just 10 caps a day. Is he really asking that much?


Poor Taylor..


Just when you thought it was over.

Oh cool,¬†thanks for having my back Gar…WTH?


Well, there you have it! 15 settlement memes that are sure to make you wanna place a grenade in his pocket. Now, if you’d kindly check your map, I’ve marked the location of a settlement that needs your help.

Guest article by Vault Dude – The best Fallout page n Facebook