10 Worst Videogames That Made Huge Amount of Money

Some games are bad. Usually, those bad games don’t sell very many copies and end up being huge failures for the studios that made them. However, sometimes bad games sell surprisingly well. Here are 10 terrible titles that, against all odds, made quite a bit of money. Call of Duty: Ghosts Skeptics may not like … Read more

8 videogames that insulted players for using cheats

Cheating sucks. It does. Thankfully, almost all modern games have ways of punishing those who break the rules to get an upper hand in games. Most of them will just ban players for bad behavior, but a few titles go above and beyond when it comes to making sure cheaters get what’s coming to them. … Read more

6 Videogame Endings That Made Gamers Feel Insulted and Disrespected

Gaming companies have been spoiling us with incredible titles for as long as games have existed, but sometimes they spit in the faces of their fans with an ending that just isn’t fair. Here are 6 games that left us disappointed, disrespected, and downright angry:     Far Cry 3 Far Cry 3 is notable … Read more

10 worst videogames that got unfairly good reviews

We’ve all been disappointed at some time in our lives. I was disappointed when I found out my parents were Santa Claus, the first time I had sex, and after I played 2 hours of No Man’s Sky. All of these things have one common factor, everyone hyped them up for me, then they ended … Read more

10 Young Gaming Entrepreneurs Who are Insanely Rich

The video game industry is a massive sector of the entertainment industry generating over $38 billion dollars of revenue in 2016. All along the way talented entrepreneurs (and some pure gamers in the eSports world) have found their own unique niches to fill and grab tons of that cash. From advertising technology, to VR hardware … Read more

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Huge Gamers

Even with all of our online boating about being the best “quickscoper” or being the best FIFA goal-scorer, most of us still consider ourselves to be of the “normal” gamer variety. But video games aren’t just confined to our little old selves, there’s a celerity echelon out there. There are actually quite a few A-list … Read more

Here Is The List Of All The Xbox One Backward Compatible Games

Source: Gearnuke.com The backwards compatibility feature in Xbox One was introduced back in November last year. The feature allows you to play the Xbox 360 games on the present gen console. The count of backward compatible games are increasing at a good rate since the feature was launched. The catalog now consists of 130 games … Read more