Fallout 4 Players Are Torturing Preston Garvey Using Recently Launched DLC

Fallout 4‘s new DLC Contraptions Workshop was released yesterday and players are already conducting some evil practices with it. (Is anyone really surprised, though?) The new DLC allows the players to build various machines and gadgets by using using different kinds of tools. Players, however are using this DLC to torture the game’s companions. A YouTuber named Father built … Read more

This New Fallout 4 Mod Makes Preston Garvey 100% Less Annoying

It’s the mod we’ve all been waiting for. Finally, at long last, Preston Garvey just chills out. If you’ve played Fallout 4, you’ve certainly dealt with Preston’s nagging about settlements that need your help. So you go and kill off some ghouls, return home, and boom. Another settlement needs your help. This is so prevalent in-game, … Read more

Here Are The Best Preston Garvey Memes – Fallout 4’s Own “Meme” Star

“General. Another settlement needs your help. I’ll mark it on your map.” These are the words that are haunting Fallout 4 players everywhere. He’s around every corner, behind every door, and lurks deep within every irradiated cess pool. Preston Garvey will find you and when he does, he’ll tell you all about the settlements littered … Read more