This New Fallout 4 Mod Makes Preston Garvey 100% Less Annoying

It’s the mod we’ve all been waiting for. Finally, at long last, Preston Garvey just chills out.


If you’ve played Fallout 4, you’ve certainly dealt with Preston’s nagging about settlements that need your help. So you go and kill off some ghouls, return home, and boom. Another settlement needs your help. This is so prevalent in-game, it’s practically the new ‘arrow to the knee’. We covered Preston’s best Settlement Memes here, so go check them out if you’re not in the loop.


The mod is called Disable Minuteman Radiant Quests. A very apt name, since that’s all it does. The mod author was apparently tired of Preston’s shit, hence the mods description:

Have you ever wanted to travel across the Commonwealth and not have Preston breath down your neck about helping every settlement in the game three times a day from the same raider camp that was bothering them an hour ago? Well have I got the mod for you.

Fear not however, you can still get the easy XP from settlement quests. You just have to go to the settlements themselves to get the quest. Much less annoying than being told about it every time you’re just trying to upgrade some weapons.


It also makes talking to Preston much more enjoyable, since he’s not all gung ho about saving the entire wasteland all the time. When he just chills out a bit, he’s actually a pretty cool guy.