A Ballistic Armor Company Just Made A Real-Life Boba Fett Armor And It’s Bulletproof

AR500 is a company that makes ballistic armor, and they’ve put together an unlikely group of people to create something really cool. You don’t always think of armor manufacturers and gun companies as having a lot in common with the arts community, but they’ve all teamed up to make a real-life version of Boba Fett… you know, just in case you’re cosplaying and you need to stop a real bullet.


Heckler & Koch made the weapons, artist Ryan B Flowers designed the armor and helmet, and Surefire, SOG Knives, Team Wendy, Metalhead Photography, Armasight, and TEA Headsets all lent something to the project.


Ryan B Flowers has already been producing this armor for people who are into airsoft or paintball, but by teaming up with a company that makes actual combat gear, he’s been able to take his gear to the next level.