12 Things You Didn’t Know Your PS4 Could Do

The PS4 is the leading current gen console by a landslide. Sony didn’t market their console as the “all in one” entertainment system like Microsoft did with the Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean the PS4 doesn’t have some tricks up its sleeve. From incredibly useful to semi-pointless, here are some things your PS4 could do that you may not have known about.

1. Log In With Facial Recognition

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This one may not be for you if you’re in the crowd of believers that worry about companies using the cameras equipped with their consoles to spy on you.

If not, pick yourself up a PS4 camera and you’re almost ready to use your face to log in to your console. To set up facial recognition with your PS4, go to Settings >  Login Settings > Face Recognition > Enable. Set it up to recognize your mug and that’s it!


2. Easily Take Screenshots


Screenshots is an already awesome feature to have in a console because if they aren’t easy to take, it defeats the purpose. Holding the share button down for a few seconds can be the difference between an epic shot or a disappointing trip to the gallery to delete it.

Good thing you can change how the button works. To change your share button settings, simply tap the Share button > press the Options button > Share Settings > Share Button Control Type. One of the options will allow you to make it so taking a screenshot is as easy as tapping the share button.

3. Charge Your Controller From Standby Mode


The battery life on Sony’s Dualshock 4 controller for the PS4 is less than desirable. Around 7 hours is what you get out of a full charge. When you’re done for the day but want a fully charged controller for tomorrow, you might be unaware of a more energy efficient way of charging it.


Standby Mode uses much less energy, but leaves the console powered on so that you can keep charging your controller, but it isn’t as easy as simply plugging the controller in and walking away. To turn on this feature, go into Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Functions Available in Standby Mode > Supply Power from USB Ports. With this done, your USB ports on the console will charge the controller like normal, while using much less power.


4. Manage Your Data


Consoles are great because of how easy it is to play your favorite games. The plug and play model is what’s made consoles as popular as they are. There are downsides though, one being the closed system format that makes adding internal hard drives impossible without voiding your warranty. Still though, managing data is important.

Your PS4 can get pretty clogged at times, with downloading games, movies, and whatever else. Sony has made it somewhat better to see what’s filling up your devise so you can eliminate it if needed. Just go to Settings > System Storage Management to see where all your free space has gone.


5. Switch Between Applications With Ease


Xbox One’s system for swapping between apps is pretty good. Some say this is one area where the PS4 is legging behind. But Sony has a simple feature they don’t talk about enough.

With two apps open, simply double tap the Home button and boom, you can switch between your last two applications, pretty seamlessly.

6. Play PS4 Games On Your Vita


This is one a lot of people should know, but surprisingly isn’t talked about much. Sony heavily advertised this feature, but it may be the lack of interest in the Vita that makes this so little known.


For those with the Vita, you can go into Settings > PS Vita Connection Settings > Add Device and enable your Vita to be paired with your PS4.

7. Discover How Rare Your Trophies Are


Trophy hunters are everywhere. Everyone loves that oh-so-satisfying feeling of receiving a Gold Trophy after hours or weeks of working on it. But how many other people have put in the same dedication that you have?

When you check out a Trophy, on the right side of the screen is a rating and a percentage. The rating is how rare it it, and the percentage is how many gamers that have played the game have also been awarded the Trophy.



8. Save Power


The PS4 is very versatile in terms of saving power. They’re aware you like to fall asleep watching Netflix, but really don’t want to leave your console on all night.

Go to Settings > Power Save Settings to change your power settings. In this menu, you can set many different things, including what time you want you PS4 to turn off or go into Standby Mode. Very useful for those nervous about leaving things running all night.

9. Control The Console With Your Voice

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Facial Recognition is just one similarity between the Kinect and the PS4. Voice commands have been around for a long time, so it’s no surprise that the PS4 has this functionality as well.


Simply go to Settings > System > Operate PS4 with Voice. Now you can simply use your headset to control the PS4.

10. Use More Than Just The Official Headset


Here’s one place that sets the PS4 leagues ahead of the Xbox One. Almost any gaming headset is compatible with the PS4 straight out of the box. No adapters.

This includes the earphones and the microphone on the headset. To set it up, just go into Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Output to Headphones > All Audio.


11. Backup Your Data


Backing up data is essential in the world of gaming. Imagine losing your Fallout 4 save file with 130 hours to a file corruption. Not fun.

You can back up all of your important data with a USB drive or the PSN Cloud. To back up your PS4, simply go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management. Go through and adjust the options here to fit how you want to back up your data.

12. Type with Dualshock 4 Gyro

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Let’s face it, typing with a controller isn’t something anyone likes doing. For so long, you either had to flick through the keyboard with thumbsticks or the D-Pad, or buy that clunky extension to the Xbox 360 controller.


PS4 has a great hidden feature that gives you a solid alternative. With the keyboard on screen, simply click the right thumbstick in. This will make it so that when you point the controller, the cursor moves with it. Takes some getting used to, but once you do, it’s much less painful than typing with a controller in the traditional fashion.

Got a favorite one from this list or one we missed? Let us know!