8 Videogames That Will Completely Destroy Your Social Life

It’s great having friends, you can catch movies with them, go for drinks or simply just chill out together. It’s been proven having friends is good for your health, but if you intend of having them stick around, you might want to avoid these the next time you plan a gathering. Here’s 8 video games that can ruin your social life if you’re not careful enough.

The Witcher 3

the witcher 3

Starting off the list, The Witcher 3 was awarded game of the year, which is no easy feat. It only seems fitting for this game to be on the list. For me personally, The Witcher 3 was the first of the franchise that I had the pleasure of diving head first into.

Say goodbye to your friends for at least a fortnight, TW3 is packed with quests, locations, dialogue and colorful characters, all of which will have you glued to your gamer chair (or desired seat) for a while. But it’s not just the content that will have you locked in, the game is beautifully paced. You’ll go from the feeling of making no progress to a plot twist instantly, couple this with the multiple choices (which can effect your story) and emotional attachments.

And I can’t mention the multiple endings, which has proven its effectiveness as I’m on my third play through. TW3 is a beautifully crafted emotional roller coaster of a game that will leave you wanting more (and leg cramp from not moving for six straight hours).



In a world full of Call of Duty annual releases and the dedicated fans of the Battlefield franchise, what keeps CS:GO a prominent entry to the FPS genre?

It is, simply put, just fun. Where CoD over complicates things with exo suits and perks that transform you from soldier to terminator, CS:GO keeps things simple. Where Battlefield constantly encourages pay to win with god guns available for purchase (it’s always those damn level 140’s), CS:GO keeps all weapons available for everyone. Besides, we all know you’re going to use the AWP regardless.

However what ultimately puts this game on the list is how carefree the game is. Sure you could play it competitively, but it’s much easier and more fun (in my opinion) to just jump in a game with no pressure or expectations, just fun. You should probably make up some excuses for this one.



I think all the devs at Bethesda consulted in their children when discussing the setting of Skyrim. Of course, I’m not complaining, there is a serious lack of video games that allow you to kill dragons with nothing more than your sword.

Much like another Bethesda RPG: Fallout 3, Skyrim is an open world RPG with a butt-load of quests and a giant, fully traversal world. What defines TES from Fallout however, is the lack of firepower. You’re downgraded to sword and bow which not only makes the majority of combat more challenging, it’s just simply much cooler wielding dual swords rather than a 10mm pistol. For the same reasons, stealth is a greater asset in Skyrim and is much more satisfying.

If Fallout 4 isn’t quite doing it for you, I’d recommend loading an old save file on Skyrim and relive the magic that had you locked in your room.

Call of Duty


Love it or hate it, there’s no denying how easy it is to put hours into CoD without realizing exactly how much time has passed.

Take away the toxic community and fan base, CoD really isn’t as bad as people like to make it out. Sure, it’s never going to be GOTY and for the best part each new game feels like a re-skin of the previous title, but at it’s core, it’s a solid, relatively well balanced shooter. Combine this with great graphics, experimental movement mechanisms and a rewarding score streak system, you have CoD at its best.

Not as casual as CS:GO, but really fun to play nonetheless, you’ll have your parents concerned as you scream at your TV after hitting that sweet 360 no-scope final kill on SnD.

Dota 2

dota 2

I’ve never quite understood the hype of games such as Dota, personally since I don’t see the fascination of the genre. But, upon some extensive research, an open mind and input from some fans, I can see why it generates so much hype.

Dota 2 was released in 2013 and still to this day draws new players in, that fact itself speaks volumes about the game. It boasts engaging game play and how wildly deep the game is. According to hardcore fans, you’ll never truly ‘master’ the game. Even at the conclusion of the game, it’s never truly the end. The hours you pile into Dota 2 will never feel wasted as you keep learning new things, regardless of how much you’ve experienced.

Besides the game, the community contributes just as much with fan literature, art and some.. questionable videos. Definitely turn your safe search on while googling Dota.

Team Fortress 2 


Team Fortress 2 is like all your childhood games wrapped into one solid, by the numbers first person shooter.

It’s relatively basic, you’re offered a set of classes, each have their own strengths and weaknesses, take your pick and get to it, simple as that. With the cartoon like style, dark humor undertones and controlled (or not so much) chaos. What else can you ask for in a game? It’s much more simplistic than that other FPS games today, which is probably why it’s thought of so highly.

If you’re looking to spend your free time blasting away your opposition and hilariously dancing over their bodies, look no further. Just don’t blame us if you find yourself leaving your house once a month.

League of Legends


It wouldn’t really be a list of addictive games if LoL didn’t make an appearance. It has, after all, one of the most rapidly growing and dedicated fan bases ever.

It’s quite the opposite of most games on the list, where other games have been mellow, this is outright competitive. Each bout, in its own way, is different. You won’t be faced with the same champions, and with LoL being a game where your success relies heavily on your strategies, you will find yourself changing your own tactics often. This makes the game a challenge at the best of times, it constantly forces you out of your own comfort zone and makes you try things you wouldn’t usually do.

Swapping out kills for teamwork, LoL will have you festering in your bedroom trying to find that perfect strategy, if there is one.

The Sims

the sims

We’ve all played it, we all know it, and at one point in our lives, the majority of us decided it was a good idea to make our sims life better than our own.

I don’t know what makes The Sims so captivating. We are after all just making virtual people and watching them do routine day to day things. They wake up, go to work, come back, eat and sleep. But why is it so damn addictive? Are we subconsciously projecting our own wants, needs and aspirations into our virtual selves? It would explain why we spend so much time controlling them, working on that promotion or chasing down our future wife.

But seriously, do not play this game if you’re happy with your social life. It will be the end of it.

This was our list of 8 video games that will ruin your social life. Have we missed a game that turned you away from your friends? Let us know in the comments section!