6 Videogame Records That Can Never Be Broken

We all strive to be the best, and it’s in our animal nature to be the alpha at everything, video games included. Whether it’s topping the leaderboards on your favorite multiplayer game, a speed run or simply bragging rights against a sibling, we’ve all tried and done these things. There were also times when we … Read more

This videogame has released a $90 DLC that allows you to see through clothes

Image: DualShockers Gal*Gun: Double Peace is a rail shooter bishojo game which focuses mainly on anime boobs. The same policy has also been extended upto its DLC by the developer Inti Creates. Pheromone Z, the game’s new DLC will take the experience further as it will let the game’s sight zoom to see through the clothes instantly. … Read more

The 6 Most Embarassing Videogame Launches of All-Time

Videogames are one of the most popular entertainment mediums today and there are big dollars to be made. Similarly, game development is now an expensive affair, with development costs of games putting many big budget movie production budgets to shame. In such a grand scheme of things, it’s easy to lose track and cross the line … Read more

5 gaming myths nobody believed that turned out to be true

Video games have always been a medium for all kinds of rumors, from the cheat code that made Lara Croft nude to the story of the killer game (I mean this literally), Polybius. During a pre-Internet time, you never knew what to believe. With so many rumors floating around, you had to think to yourself, … Read more

5 Videogame Rumors That Should Really Become True

Rumors. Every industry has its fair share of rumors. Although it is not uncommon for rumors to be the result of someone desiring to have a laugh at others’ expense, there are occasions when you can’t help but think if they really hold some substance. We look at six such videogame rumors today which appear … Read more