5 Videogame Rumors That Should Really Become True

Rumors. Every industry has its fair share of rumors. Although it is not uncommon for rumors to be the result of someone desiring to have a laugh at others’ expense, there are occasions when you can’t help but think if they really hold some substance.

We look at six such videogame rumors today which appear to hold some truth to them and doesn’t appear to be entirely a work of fiction. Also, the rumors themselves are so exciting that we can’t help but wish they come true.

GTA V DLC Featuring CJ As Franklin’s Father


Stemming from a Instagram post by CJ’s voice actor that mentioned GTA V and DLC in the same sentence, this is one rumor which not only sounds exciting but actually holds some substance too.

A single player DLC featuring CJ isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem at first. You can read our theory explaining why over here.

Battlefield 5 Set in World War 1


It is known to all that DICE is working on a new Battlefield game which will be releasing in October this year. Both EA and DICE have confirmed this multiple times before. However, a rumor doing the rounds suggests that DICE might be going back as far back as World War 1 with the new game, with the game’s rumored setting to be World War 1.

Now this does sound a bit off track especially since it’ll make little sense for DICE to switch gears so drastically but when you put your tin foil hat on and think about the possibility of the game not being a direct sequel to Battlefield 4 but a spin-off in the same veins as a Bad Company, it appears far more likely. Read all about where the rumor started from here.

Beyond: Good and Evil 2 Being An Nintendo Switch Exclusive


Destructoid ran a report which claimed that Ubisoft’s Beyond: Good and Evil 2 was in fact going to be an exclusive for Nintendo’s yet to be announced console codenamed NX. The report explained in detail why this move was made but was filed under being a rumor.

Things quickly took a interesting turn though when Ubisoft sent Destructoid an email requesting the website to take its report down. Now as the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire. Make what you will of this.

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Witcher 3 Developer Making VR Version Of The Witcher 3


Rumors have been doing the round that CD Projekt might be developing a VR friendly version of its game The Witcher 3. Several reports regarding the same has been published across media outlets this month.

However, what added fuel to this rumor was when CD Projekt Red held its annual financial meeting. The developer confirmed that it was working on another game which will come out by end of this year unlike anything they have done before.

Now, if you think of it logically, there is no way CD Projekt Red might be shadow-developing a brand new IP (they’re already making Cyberpunk) all the while releasing DLCs and content for the Witcher 3, with a final expansion still due for release.

The more likely scenario is that it’s indeed creating a VR version of The Witcher 3 which can still count for a ‘new game’.

Bethesda Announcing Next Elder Scrolls Game At E3 2017


Now, this is a big one and doesn’t really make much sense but there have been several (unconfirmed) reports that claim Bethesda is going to be announcing the next Elder Scrolls game at E3 this year.

Bethesda definitely has something huge planned for E3 this year too but we’ll need to wait to find out what exactly it might be. If it turns out to be a new Elder Scrolls game, you can be sure we won’t be complaining.