Top 5 Shocking Video Game Announcement Rumors for E3 2016

E3 is about to start and a lot of surreal videogame announcements rumors are already doing the rounds. While some of these are as good as being announced, others aren’t as confirmed. Regardless, if these games are announced, it is going to make the E3 showfloor erupt and gamers the world over will go crazy. … Read more

15 Massive E3 Rumours That Should Absolutely Come True

Red Dead 3 One of Rockstar’s most loved games was Red Dead Redemption. The game, which is also the second installment of the Red Dead series was released in 2010 and widely accepted by the audience. Since then, people have been waiting for the next Red Dead game and it seems like their wait is finally … Read more

5 gaming myths nobody believed that turned out to be true

Video games have always been a medium for all kinds of rumors, from the cheat code that made Lara Croft nude to the story of the killer game (I mean this literally), Polybius. During a pre-Internet time, you never knew what to believe. With so many rumors floating around, you had to think to yourself, … Read more

5 Videogame Rumors That Should Really Become True

Rumors. Every industry has its fair share of rumors. Although it is not uncommon for rumors to be the result of someone desiring to have a laugh at others’ expense, there are occasions when you can’t help but think if they really hold some substance. We look at six such videogame rumors today which appear … Read more

Rumor: PS4 Firmware Update Coming Soon

According to Tidux, a newer PS4 firmware is possibly coming sooner than thought seeing how the latest firmware 1.7 has been released just a couple of days ago. The insider has already revealed various Sony secrets earlier so this is a pretty decent source. There are various bugs in the firmware 1.7 and the main … Read more

Bioshock Movie Possibly Back In Production

The Bioshock movie that we all have been waiting for I’m sure may finally be back in production. After what has been years of uncertainty, Sony Pictures seems to be interested in the film and thus has started registering several websites under the Bioshock name. Sony Pictures has recently started to register a number of … Read more

New Rumors Emerge For Mirrors Edge 2

A number of new interesting rumors has appeared for Mirrors Edge 2. While we would love to confirm these as facts, we have to claim them as rumors coming from Rocket Chainsaw which has noted that they have seen in-game footage and got information from their very own sources. So again, take the latest details … Read more