New Rumors Emerge For Mirrors Edge 2

A number of new interesting rumors has appeared for Mirrors Edge 2. While we would love to confirm these as facts, we have to claim them as rumors coming from Rocket Chainsaw which has noted that they have seen in-game footage and got information from their very own sources. So again, take the latest details with a grain of salt for now.

The upcoming Mirrors Edge 2 is a complete reboot featuring a new combat system. This time around Faith will have no guns at her disposal. Development is focused on parkour, meaning the attacks will be fast and smooth making quick take downs or avoiding enemies the more desirable route. Speaking of enemies, the game will also feature new AI opponents which will range in different abilities of their own causing the gamer to think out their next move quickly.

An always online mode will be present for part of the world. Apparently, there will be a section of the in-game world which will allow multiplayer action where gamers from all over the world can hop in or out seamlessly. Within this section of the world, friends can compete against each other in races, freely roam the world or start the game in a cooperative mode.  EA has yet to make any comment on the rumors that are circulating around the web but if the rumors are in fact true, the game expected release date is sometime in the year 2016.