It Looks Like PUBG 2 Has Been Cancelled

Reports suggest that a sequel to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG 2, has been cancelled and that content already made will feature in the original game soon [via The Loadout].

It seems as though development on a sequel to PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t going too smoothly. Previously, it was thought that a sequel to PUBG was in the works at Krafton. Renowned PUBG leaker, PlayerIGN, said at the time that the game was taking a more grounded approach in realism.

Credit: PUBG Corp/Krafton

It was thought that the game would be made using the same development team as the previous title with new talent hired to expand the team. PUBG Corp CEO, Kim Chang-hang, said in January that the sequel was scheduled to arrive sometime in 2022 [via Bloomberg].

Project Titan returns!

Plans appeared to have changed somewhat in recent months, however. PlayerIGN now tells The Loadout that the sequel grounded in realism is effectively dead in the water after it hit development struggles. Because of this, the remaining content that has already been developed will now make its way into the original PUBG.

“My source tells me PUBG Project RE:BORN was originally meant to be the PUBG 2 game we were expecting,” he tells The Loadout. “But the development team bumped into issues and are opting to go with an engine update/overhaul to the current game instead – a bit like Overwatch 2.”

Credit: PUBG Corp/Krafton

The similarities with Overwatch don’t stop there. Blizzard’s hero shooter was famously born from the ashes of an abandoned MMO that also hit development snags. That project was known as Project Titan. 

A PUBG sequel is still supposed to be in the works, but this time it’ll be made by Striking Distance Studios and will be narrative focused. That’s the studio that’s also currently working on The Callisto Protocol, a Dead Space inspired narrative title that’s also set in the PUBG universe. Krafton confirmed that the sequel is in the works at Striking Distance and that the project is currently known internally as Project Titan.

Credit: PUBG Corp/Krafton

What features will arrive in PUBG?

Some of the content intended for the upcoming sequel included a cross-play mode between consoles and PC. That’s a feature that several online shooters are starting to implement, including Overwatch

An update is arriving next month which will start to see the new content trickle through. There’s the new 8×8 map Taego, as well as another map on the way only known as Kiki.

What other features would you like to see arrive in PUBG? Let us know across our social channels.

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