PUBG 2 Looks Like It Will Be A Direct Sequel Focusing On ‘Realism’

It looks like a sequel to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could be on the way soon, and it appears to be taking a realistic approach.

Prominent PUBG leaker, ‘PlayerIGN’ claims to have inside knowledge of the new project that’s apparently in development at Krafton. They say that the game will have a focus that’s grounded in modern day realism.

That’s keeping in line with the idea that a PUBG sequel will remain faithful to the original game. PlayerIGN also claims that PUBG 2 will stick firmly with the Battle Royale mode instead of branching out into a single player campaign or other multiplayer modes.


That said, the world of PUBG is still expanding with other projects in the works at Krafton. Last year saw the announcement of ‘The Callisto Protocol’, a sci-fi horror experience that will take place in the same universe as PUBG. A report from Bloomberg claims that Krafton has other projects to announce soon that will also share in the same universe [via ShackNews].

Who is working on this PUBG sequel?

The team working on the supposed sequel to PUBG is the same one that developed the first game – that’s PUBG Corp, which was eventually merged into the South Korean holding company, Kratfon.

Credit: Krafton

There are a few fresh faces on the squad, though. Krafton has apparently been hiring new talent into the team with previous experience in developing competing battle royales. While we don’t know any specific names, we can assume that Krafton is scouting for game developers with intel on how games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are being made.


It’s unclear as to whether Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene himself will be working on the game. Greene previously said in 2019 that he wouldn’t be making a sequel to his creation anytime soon. He left the PUBG project at the time to head up a new project in Amsterdam, titled the ‘PUBG Special Projects’ team.

PUBG remains one of the popular BR titles, still hosting over 450,000 players per day on Steam. We recently reported that PUBG mobile is earning over £5m every single day. With five years since the release of the BR that started the whole trend, it’s about time we saw some new innovation from the PUBG team.

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[Featured Image Credit: Krafton]

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