Brie Larson And Tessa Thompson Could Be About To Team Up On Fortnite

Marvel stars Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson might be about to team up in Fortnite – for real.

In a reply to Larson showcasing her new Fortnite Locker collection, a fan asked when the Captain Marvel lead would post a video of her playing a game of Fortnite. Larson retweeted the message with the response: “What about tomorrow? @TessaThompson_x you game?”. 

It took a few hours, but the Valkyrie actor eventually responded with a swift: “Yes plz @brielarson”.

So, we could be seeing the two Marvel icons team up to win a Victory Royale in the next few days. It could be that this interaction was orchestrated by an Epic Games marketing ploy, or it could be a part of Laron’s ongoing effort to sustain a YouTube channel. The actor has spent the last 9 months publishing videos to her own channel, focusing on fitness, vlogs and occasional gaming content.

The most ambitious crossover event in history

Larson has recently partnered with Fortnite to curate her own themed item locker. It includes a new variant of the Bush Ranger inspired by Brie Larson’s attire. There’s also a harvesting tool that looks like machetes covered in bright goo and a couple of dance emotes.

Epic Games introduced Captain Marvel to Fortnite late last year, along with Black Panther and Taskmaster. Marvel has a long history with the battle royale, hosting several Infinity Gauntlet themed events around the release of the last two Avengers movies. There was also an entire Marvel-themed season in which the heroes teamed up to defeat Galactus. 

And did you know that the Russo Brothers, who directed Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, also directed Fortnite’s latest story trailer? [via Variety].

If Tessa Thompson is about to pick up a controller to play Fortnite alongside Brie Larson, it would be amazing to see the skin of her Valkyrie character introduced to the game, too. If this really is a PR stunt pulled by Epic Games and Marvel, keep a close eye on the item shop in the coming days.

Fortnite recently began its sixth season of Chapter 2, which saw parts of the world transported back to the prehistoric era. There are even dinosaurs now roaming the map.

Brie Larson opens up about becoming Captain Marvel
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