‘Battlefield 6’ Reveal Trailer Officially Releases Next Week

It’s finally happening! EA is set to release the official Battlefield 6 reveal trailer next Wednesday on June 9th.

The news broke via the official Battlefield Twitter account which tweeted a short teaser yesterday. Glitching text reveals the modern classic logo along with the June 9th date and times. A welcome return to the synthetic thumping main theme plays in the background, a neat callback to Battlefield 3 and 4.

You’ll have to set your alarm clocks fairly early if you’re in the US, but we Brits are getting treated to a late lunchtime reveal. 3pm BST is when the reveal will kick off.

From what we currently know, it doesn’t seem like the reveal will be a huge event. Battlefield V saw a huge reveal event hosted by Trevor Noah. Back then, it allowed for FAQs with developers and some light audience interaction with influencers.

YouTube video

For now, it seems like we’ll just be getting a look at the new trailer next week. It’s likely that more specific details will arrive next month at the EA Play Live event scheduled for July 22nd.

Image credit: EA

It’s clear that fans are highly anticipating the trailer reveal. In the 18-hours since the teaser tweet was published, it has garnered over 140k likes.

What do we know so far?

Unfortunately for EA and DICE, much of the upcoming Battlefield reveal has been leaked. An almost complete version of the trailer appeared on Reddit last week with only a watermark covering the very centre of the frame.

The leaked trailer comes with epilepsy caution as the screen frequently flashes to black.

While industry insiders claim that the leaked trailer is the one we’ll see next week, sources tell Eurogamer that it was only ever intended for internal use. It’s possible that we could be watching an entirely different trailer over next Wednesday’s ham butties.

No matter which trailer we’re watching, it’s fairly certain that the new Battlefield will be set in a near-future setting. It’s been described by those familiar with the project as a spiritual successor to Battlefield 3 and 4, a promising sign for fans of the franchise.

It appears that this year’s title might be a soft reboot of the franchise. The teaser trailer doesn’t attach a number to the franchise title, indicating the rumours might true that the game is simply titled ‘Battlefield‘.

DICE has said that its biggest ever team is working on the new Battlefield title. It’s scheduled to release before the end of the year across PC, current-gen, and new-gen consoles.

Will you be watching the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer next week? Let us know across our social channels.

[Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE]

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