Battlefield 6 Described As ‘Battlefield 3/4 On Steroids’ By Leaker

Renowned Battlefield leaker, Tom Henderson, is back at it again with a huge newsletter updating us on what this year’s Battlefield game will look like.

In the newsletter, Henderson claimed that Battlefield 2021 will simply be called “BATTLEFIELD” and will take place around 10-years in the future.

With a setting of 10-years in the future, this gives developer DICE the chance to include modern weaponry already in use by military forces, as well as some leeway to include experimental devices currently under research. Henderson clarifies, though, that ‘BATTLEFIELD’ will veer towards accuracy rather than sci-fi.


The multiplayer component is described as “Battlefield 3/4 on steroids”. Henderson reckons that we’ll see military robots, drones, jets, helicopters and tanks, which certainly fits that description. 

Jets, helicopters and tanks are a standard affair for Battlefield games, but seeing military robots and drones included as possible vehicles or gadgets sounds like it could make for some very interesting gameplay.

Levolution is back!

In a separate tweet, Henderson also claims that dynamic weather will play a huge role in ‘BATTLEFIELD’. In a tweet containing images of a tsunami, tornado, volcanic eruption and an earthquake, Henderson writes: “In #BATTLEFIELD, explosions are not the only thing that can damage and topple buildings. Mother nature can do a whole lot more.”


Events like these could likely relate to DICE’s ‘leveolution’ technology as showcased in Battlefield 4. These events can be triggered during a round to drastically change the layout of a level. For example, the skyscraper collapsing in Siege of Shanghai, or the entire town flooding in Flood Zone.

YouTube video

A battle royale mode is reportedly in the works but will be released after launch and under a different title. If some of our recent reports are correct, the battle royale mode could be a free-to–play component

Battle Royale and Co-op also make a return

It appears that the new battle royale will operate separately from Firestorm, Battlefield V’s attempt at delivering the massive multiplayer mode. Abilities may see an introduction to the series in a similar fashion to Call of Duty’s perks. Henderson gives the example that a Recon soldier may have silent footsteps, while an Assault player may be able to sprint farther. 


‘BATTLEFIELD’ will also allegedly see the return of a full-fledged campaign mode. Henderson says that players will be able to choose which global superpower they’d like to fight for, although you’ll only be able to choose from the US and Russia. Apparently, this campaign experience will also be fully playable in co-op.

With all of this new information to ponder, we shouldn’t have to wait long to see a reveal trailer. One is apparently scheduled to release in May, though it will be strictly cinematic with no real hint of gameplay footage.

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[Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts]