Insider Claims ‘Skeleton Crew’ Is Working On Battlefield 2042, But EA Says Otherwise

EA has responded to rumours that the team left working on Battlefield 2042 is a meagre ‘skeleton crew’, denying the claims.

It’s supposed to be a celebratory week for DICE and EA as the team has just released the first season update for Battlefield 2042. The troubled shooter has had a long road to this content update after it launched horrifically back in November 2021. 

The new update brings a brand new map and specialist alongside a smattering of weapons and a vehicle. Aside from the other gameplay overhaul updates, it’s a patch that’s relatively light on content. One industry insider thinks they know why.

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Battlefield 2042 Skeleton Crew – Is it true?

Recently, renowned leaker Jeff Grubb spoke about the supposed state of Battlefield 2042’s development on his podcast. He claimed that the people still working on Battlefield 2042 are merely a skeleton crew, only working to meet the DLC obligations that players have paid for. It’s rumoured that DICE is hoping to develop a brand new Battlefield title as quickly as possible to move players on from 2042.

However, EA has since responded to Grubb’s claims in an official statement. It reads: “This is untrue. There is a significant team across studios focused on evolving and improving the Battlefield 2042 experience for our players, and at the heart of that is our team at DICE. We are committed to the future of Battlefield 2042 and our areas of focus for the game, based on what we have heard from our players, was laid out in our recent Development Update…”

DICE’s recent development update outlined everything that it’s hoping to bring to the game over the next few months. Season 1 has only just started and will run for 12 weeks in total. Season 2 is set to begin at the start of September.

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