xQc Wants To Move Due To Constant Police Run-Ins Due To Swatting

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has spoken out about why he wanted to move back to Canada after living in the US for several years [via GGRecon].

xQc is renowned for his vocal opinions within the Twitch community. He’s recently spoken about how he thinks Twitch are employing double standards following Amouranth and Indiefoxx’s half-hearted bans.

Credit: xQc via Twitter

In a recent stream, he opened up about exactly why he moved.

“The main reason why I wanted to move back to Canada in the first place a month ago, before any of this even happened, we were getting raided by the police station at raids that made absolutely f*cking no sense.

“Almost everyday, the police came to our house with the full squad because of f*cking idiots.

“I was genuinely scared I was going to die.

“I got so scared, I said I just want to go back to Canada.”

What is ‘swatting’?

‘Swatting’ has been an issue for streamers for years. It usually involves a viewer filing a false police report which triggers a force to invade a streamers home, often armed. Viewers likely do this to see the reaction on stream, but it can be incredibly dangerous. A few years ago, one streamer got swatted while boarding an airplane.

xQc says that he hasn’t spoken out about the swatting issues until now because he didn’t want to give the perpetrators any satisfaction. There have been signs that he was having these issues, but never spoke about them directly.

Even while continuing to stream, he was able to keep his cool while police raided his house. In another clip, he explains that when he was looking off camera and mentioning food, that was a sign that he was ok with the police in his home.

At the same time, xQc is currently embroiled in a controversy regarding gambling on stream. He recently said that he was going to stop promoting gambling sites after several hundred people signed up using his promotional code.

Fellow streamer Amouranth claims that xQc is using the swatting story as a way of diverting attention from his gambling concerns.

xQc isn’t the only streamer who has had to deal with viewers meddling with his personal life. Earlier this year, Alinity was forced to call the local law enforcement after a group of her fans showed up outside her home while she was streaming.

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Featured Image Credit: xQc via Twitch