Twitch Streamer Gets Swatted While on an Airplane

Yesterday, Paul Denino, aka Ice_Poseidon, a notable streamer on Twitch was escorted off a flight after someone called in a bomb threat in his name. The bomb threat was later reported to be false and has been constituted as an act of swatting.

Image: YouTube

According to Arizona police, an anonymous caller called the department, impersonated Ice_Poseidon and claimed he had a bomb in his possession to the authorities. After the call had was made, Denino was escorted off a plane at Sky Harbour International Airport in Pheonix, AZ.

Image: YouTube

After the events of the incident, Denino uploaded a video on YouTube channel, where he explains how the swatting has affected him. “I’m considering not streaming Dreamhack,” Denino explain. “That’s a whole other level. You don’t expect that to happen.”


This is not Ice_Poseidon’s first incident in the past during several live streams; there are several instances of swatting at his house. Swatting someone is never ok, but calling the police, impersonating someone and saying they have a bomb is a whole new level of villainous.