Showrunner Of Halo TV Series To Leave After One Season

The showrunner of the long anticipated Halo TV series will leave the production once Season 1 is complete [via Variety].

Before production has even concluded on the Halo TV series, its executive producer Steven Kane has said that they won’t return for a second season. 

The show has been shooting in Budapest for the last two years with production likely delayed significantly due to the global pandemic. According to Variety, Kane says that they would like to return to the US after spending so long in Budapest shooting the Halo TV show. 

Credit: Bungie
Credit: 343 Industries

Kane was set to co-executive produce the Halo TV series alongside Kyle Killen. Each of them have credits on projects such as ‘American Dad!’ and ‘Mind Games’. Killen ended up dropping out as co-executive producer on Halo due to his time constraints. He’s still credited as a writer on four of the Halo episodes on IMDB.

What’s going on with the Halo TV series?

The live action Halo TV series is set to release in 2022 and will be based directly on the video game source material. We don’t yet know much about the plot of the show, but Master Chief and Cortana are supposedly central to the plot.

Earlier this month, a collection of supposed screenshots from the show leaked onto Twitter. While we can’t verify the integrity of the leaked images, they certainly look legit. Master Chief is in full view here in some respectful drip.


Alongside glimpses of some accurate-looking Warthogs, there’s also an image of a potential villain. What looks to be one of the Covenant Prophets appears in one of the screenshots. 

Jen Taylor is expected to return as the voice of Cortana, though it’s not yet confirmed whether Steve Downes will fill the vocal cords of Master Chief. Even so, the show is looking to be fairly faithful to the source material.

The show will air on the Paramount+ subscription service and is being produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television. A second season has not yet been confirmed.

Credit: 343 Industries

As far as we know, the Halo TV series will be completely separate from the games while remaining faithful to the source material. With Halo Infinite releasing later this year, it would be nice to see some crossover content with the live service.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries