Halo TV Series Showrunners Say They Ignored The Games When Making It

The Halo TV series is right around the corner, but it has been revealed that the showrunners didn’t look at the games when making the show. The show, which releases on Paramount+ this month, will follow the story of the Master Chief in his fight against the Covenant. Only this story is totally separate from … Read more

Halo TV Series Release Date Revealed In Shiny New Trailer

A new trailer for the Halo TV series on Paramount+ has dropped, showing more of what we can expect from the show – and a release date. The Halo TV series has been teased with shorter clips, but this is the biggest trailer we’ve had so far. It shows a lot of new things, including … Read more

Halo TV Show Trailer Debut Looks Super Promising

Paramount has given us our first proper look at the upcoming Halo TV show, and the debut trailer looks extremely promising. The Halo TV show seems like its been in development for almost a decade at this point. It was first mentioned back when the Xbox One was revealed in 2013. With Steven Spielberg involved … Read more