Halo TV Show Trailer Debut Looks Super Promising

Paramount has given us our first proper look at the upcoming Halo TV show, and the debut trailer looks extremely promising.

The Halo TV show seems like its been in development for almost a decade at this point. It was first mentioned back when the Xbox One was revealed in 2013. With Steven Spielberg involved in its development, hopes were high for this small-screen adaptation of our guy in green.

Geoff Keighley treated us all to our first proper look at the trailer for Halo at last night’s Game Awards. Watch it for yourself below!

The trailer shows off some stunning visuals and introduces us to some of the main characters. The Master Chief looks especially epic with armour that appears just as it does in the iconic games. Other than a taste of the overall vibe that Halo is going for, the trailer doesn’t give too much away. There’s commentary from one character, but it’s not clear who’s speaking. My best guess is either Cortana or Dr. Halsey. I think I also spotted Sargent Johnson at one point.

Despite seeing some familiar faces, it doesn’t seem like the Halo TV show is re-treading the stories of the games. Instead, Paramount is exploring a totally new direction to expand the universe of Halo.

With Halo Infinite reviewing well, it’s certainly an excellent time to be a Halo fan. The Halo TV series is set to release next year on Paramount+. There’s no specific release date yet – all we know is that it’s dropping sometime in 2022.

What do you make of the Halo TV series trailer? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: Paramount]