Alinity Calls Police After Fans Show Up At Her Home Mid-Stream

The Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has called the police after a bunch of ‘fans’ showed up at her house mid-stream.

Alinity was streaming at the time when a few members of the chat began describing the colour of her home. The streamer says that she thinks the harassers were a group of children, though their official ages are not known.

The streamer condemned the group’s actions and issued a warning to other Twitch viewers that showing up to a content creators house is unacceptable.

“Showing up at a content creators house is considered harassment. I do not tolerate this and will be contacting the police and an incident report will be filed,” Alinity says on Twitter.

Alinity says that she is fine following the incident, though she is “pretty shaken up”. Rightfully so! Having supposed ‘fans’ invade your privacy by showing up at your home is surely a terrifying ordeal.

Whether the perpetrators are caught remains to be seen, but Alinity affirms that she has filed an incident report and is in contact with the police.

“showing up at a content creator’s house is considered harassment”

Unfortunately, the harassment of women in games is not new. A recent report suggests that 77% of female gamers experience harassment while playing online. It’s also thought that 59% of women disguise their identity while online gaming to avoid male harassment.

The issue is especially rife among female streamers on Twitch. Popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys recently revealed that over 350k accounts are banned from her stream

Most of those bans are due to inappropriate behaviour in the chat. Luckily, Pokimane has found a way to monetize the awful messages she receives. Going through her unban requests live on stream makes for some entertaining viewing.

YouTube video

Twitch has literature in its Terms of Service that intend to curb hateful conduct and harassment, but this clearly has no power over people’s real world actions. Hopefully, Alinity is able to get somewhere with her report and can prevent anything like this from happening again.

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