Warzone Streamers Go To Extraordinary Lengths To Prove They Aren’t Cheating

Following several accusations of cheating, Warzone streamers are going to bizzare lengths to prove that they are not cheating.

Warzone is known for having a cheating problem that’s rife. While Activision has issued over half a million bans since it launched, several still manage to slip through the cracks.

Credit: Activision

More recently, the publisher was forced to issue copyright takedowns of videos advertising a new hack aimed at consoles. Even so, the game is still rife with cheaters and some players have begun to question the legitimacy of some streamer’s skills.


The streamer Charlie ‘MuTeX’ Saouma, who holds the world record for the highest number of kills in a Warzone match, has had his skills brought into question. YouTuber BadBoy Beaman accuses the streamer of using a controller hack which would give MuTeX a form of aimbot in matches.

To prove his innocence, MuTeX has gone to extreme lengths. He’s set up a total of five cameras around his room to prove to the world that his skills are for real.

There’s the usual face cam and a close up of his controller to show exactly what input’s he’s pressing. In addition, there’s a widescreen view of his room, a close up of both his monitors, and one that looks towards the rear of his PC.


As expected, MuTeX manages to perform just as well as he would normally while under watch from every angle.

Nowhere to hide

MuTeX isn’t the only streamer that BadBoy Beaman has accused of cheating. In a separate video, he also accuses Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane of cheating in Call of Duty.

In response, ZLaner issued a video on his Twitter, inviting BadBoy Beaman out to watch him play in person.


“My proposition to BadBoy Beaman is that I will pay for a flight for you to come to my hometown, we can set up a controlled environment where you know everything that’s going on,” Zlaner says. “You can use my setup, play a game yourself if you need to, and then right after that I’ll hop on the same exact setup and drop a bomb right in front of your face.

“When I do that, you have to delete your YouTube channel,” ZLaner proposes.

BadBoy Beaman has yet to respond to the invitation.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision