Thrillseekers Event Brings Brand New Arenas Map To Apex Legends

Respawn has announced the Thrillseekers event for Apex Legends, bringing a brand new arena map and cosmetics to the game.

Apex Legends is an ever-evolving online experience, and Respawn is wasting no time in pushing forward with new content. The Genesis Collection event hasn’t even concluded yet and there’s already a brand new event lined up to take over.

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The Thrillseekers event will begin on 13th July and run for three weeks until 3rd August.


With the last event bringing back fan-favourite Skull Town as an Arenas map, this time we’re getting a brand new one. Overflow is a lane-focused map that weaves in and out of an industrial plant overflowing with lava.

Where other Arenas maps are usually a bit more open, this one aims to funnel players down specific routes. Players are advised to remain cautious when committing to a lane as there’s plenty of opportunity for a good flanking manoeuvre.

Credit: EA/Respawn

The floor is lava

Alongside the event, there’s a brand new rewards track for players to complete. Up for grabs this time around is the Rampart Wastelander set and the Bangalore Lethal Enforcer set. There’s also a bunch of battle pass booster packs and Apex packs to collect for those invested in the season.


If you’re after more, a sale will be running on the in-game store throughout the first two weeks of the event. Respawn is bringing back classic cosmetic items for those who missed out the first time around. There’s the fan-favourite Youngblood skin as well as the Voidwalker one.

Apex is slowly approaching a new season with the tenth era set to begin around the start of August. Dataminers believe that a big change is set to occur on the World’s Edge map. Text and audio files point towards the Harvester causing a huge disaster.

Developers from Respawn are about to speak more about the future of Apex Legends at an EA presentation this evening. We’ll also be learning more about the features that Battlefield 2042 is bringing to the table.

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Will you be getting stuck in to the Apex Legends Thrillseekers event? Let us know across our social channels.

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