The 6 Most Badass Videogame Weapons We’ve Ever Used

The right weapon at the right time can make all the difference, it can be the difference between winning and losing, or simply how fun the game is. Here are our 5 most memorable weapons in video games.

Energy Sword

energy sword

The Halo franchise is home to plenty of weird and wonderful weapons, with it being set in the distant future as much is to be expected. In both multiplayer and campaign mode you’re offered a variety of weapons, including the standard marine weaponry, Forerunner hardlight arms but most importantly for this list, the Covenant plasma based weapons.

Among the Covenant loadouts is the energy sword. The weapon is a complex blend of superheated plasma, magnetic field generators and ionized blades, but all you need to know is that it kills, and fast. One slash with this will make short work of anyone in your way, ignoring any shields or health (besides an overshield) and getting straight to the point.

But that’s not all, any player lucky enough to wield such power will be granted added benefits. With the sword being short range in nature, Bungie decided to even the odds a little by allowing a lunge feature for players equipping the sword. Anyone in your crosshairs within 5-7(ish) feet, let’s just say they’re as good as dead.

Mark 2 Lancer 


Bayonets were soooo last year. Put a chainsaw on that gun, son.

Looking like something straight out of a 14 year old boy’s dream, the Mark 2 Lancer is an automatic assault rifle, chainsaw included. Quite possibly one of the most destructive weapons on the list due to its versatility, this weapon can be used at range or up close, both very effective for cutting down the Locust threat.

The design is simple and its effectiveness speaks for itself, just look for the pile of severed mangled bodies it leaves in its presence.

Blades of Chaos

blades of chaos

Most video games will ease you in, give you a basic weapon to take out a few guys, really find your feet until you upgrade to something better. God of War? Nope. Here’s the Blades of Chaos, go kill everyone.

The blades were crafted by Ares, the god of war himself, and were to be given to a servant worthy of his service. Ultimately they ended up in the blood stained hands of Kratos, and that’s probably of where they deserved to be. The weapon itself is a large, chained blade that can reach a few feet ahead of Kratos with each swing.

The weapon also deals fire damage and can be upgraded throughout the game, changing the shape, functions and damage of the cleavers. While this sounds like the perfect murder weapon, the chains of the blades are actually seared into the users forearms as a constant reminder of their oath to the god of war. Either that, or Kratos is just forgetful.

Fat Man

fat man

The most destructive weapon on the list, the Fat Man can turn things from fine (or as far as fine gets in a nuclear wasteland) to FUBAR painfully quick.

You’d think after atomic bombs were dropped, cities were leveled, water sources became radiated and super mutants roamed the lands on a murder spree that more radiation would be a pretty bad idea. Well apparently not because Fallout offers the Fat Man, a personal mini nuke launcher.

If you really want to ruin someones’ day, this is your go-to weapon. It fires in an arc trajectory to very long ranges (obviously), accuracy isn’t a problem as the blast radius is huge, if this beast lands a nuke anywhere near someone, make a start on their last rites. Although it’s gloriously overpowered, it isn’t necessarily rare, meaning a lot of bandits will be wielding them too. If you hear the distinctive whistling of a mini nuke, go ahead and load your last save, you aren’t surviving this.

Gravity Gun



The zero-point energy field manipulator, or the gravity gun to you and me, is the only weapon you need.

The gravity gun has two modes, pull and push. It sounds very basic but in the right hands it proves to be a fatal instrument. First introduced in Half-Life 2, the weapon can be used in many ways, using the environment and picking up dumpsters, explosive barrels or the favored saw blades and repelling them from you, turning junk into ammo is the most efficient use.

It can also be utilized as a defense weapon, instead of using a wooden box as a projectile, hold it in front of you and get yourself some temporary cover. Instead of running away from a grenade and exposing yourself, launch it back at the Combine, the list goes on. The absence of ammo means it has endless use and really allows players to get creative with their kills.

The Hidden Blade (Assassin’s Creed)

hidden blade

The Assassin’s Creed franchise introduced one of the most lethal melee weapons we’ve ever come across in videogames. The Hidden Blade was both silent and deadly and opened up a world of possibilities for close range combat and proved invaluable in taking out foes stealthily.

A favorite weapon for members of the Assassin Order, the blade has made appearances in pretty much every Assassin’s Creed game to date. Over the years, it’s also seen several upgrades such as shooting blades, poisonous blades and so on.

This was our list of the six most memorable weapons in video games. Did we miss one of your favorites? Which weapon were you hoping for under the tree? Let us know in the comments section!