Battlefield 1: Here’s Every Weapon Confirmed So Far

A YouTuber, named Westie, spoke in detail about every confirmed weapon so far for DICE’s upcoming world war 1 shooter, Battlefield 1, in one of his latest videos. Initially, there was an unease that Battlefield 1 will feature old school weapons and armors as it is set during the period of World War 1. The audience was also worried that the … Read more

10 Bizarre Videogame Weapons That Will Make You Say WTF

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Most Badass Weapons In Video Games We’ve Ever Used – Part 2

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The 6 Most Badass Videogame Weapons We’ve Ever Used

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Battlefield 4 Ultimate Shortcut Bundle Announced

Battlefield 4 players will be given the opportunity to take a shortcut and grab up all the upgrades for each class and weapons arsenal. The DLC will put you back $50 if you opt for each class though you can simply upgrade a specific class if desired. This would be a great way for new … Read more