10 Weird Things You Just Can’t Resist Doing in Videogames

There is a certain selection of things – strange things – that gamers simply cannot resist doing. We’re all nerds. A big community of excitable nerds. We know that. That’s why we revel in the little weird things we do in games. What are these “weird things” specifically? Find out below and we revel in … Read more

The 6 Most Badass Videogame Weapons We’ve Ever Used

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The Most Epic Unlockable Characters You Can Ever Unlock in Games

After beating a game or proving your worth there’s not much that tops the rewards of unlockables, especially unlocking a new character to play as. Unlockables are a feature in games that other media just can’t provide, unlike a movie or a book that give you a set experience, games can feed you more content … Read more

The Most Annoying Enemy Types That Will Make You Rage

It almost seems like game developers follow trends when designing enemies, we encounter a common type of enemy that’s done the rounds in almost every other video game. We’re not necessarily saying its a bad thing, usually developers will add their own twists to an enemy and make each battle a bit different from another game. Here … Read more

The Most Annoying Enemies In Videogames That Will Make You Rage

There’s nothing better than getting home from work or school, kicking your feet up and loading the save game file of your favorite game. You leave your own world and problems behind and immerse yourself in another, but there’s always someone to ruin your day. We take a look at some of the most annoying enemies to … Read more