7 Canceled Games That Could Have Been Massive Hits

Sometimes a game enters development and gets cancelled before anyone’s even really heard about it, but other times games can get close to completion before ultimately being canned, for one reason or another. Sometimes the money runs out, sometimes the studio gets bought by another company with different priorities, sometimes the game just doesn’t work very … Read more

This Mario Kart and Star Wars Crossover Is Surprisingly Well Made

Be honest, how many of you would buy this crossover? It’s genius. Mario Kart is a huge success. With 8 iterations into the shell tossing, banana slipping, lighten bolt summoning franchise, Mario Kart has sold over 111 million units. That’s A LOT of games. Obviously, a huge part of that success is the cast, namely … Read more

5 Reasons That Star Wars Battlefront 3 Is A Horrible Game

We all wanted to like it, and no one more so than myself. I preordered it, then waited on the front porch for the UPS guy chiefing cigarettes and I don’t even smoke. I invited my buddy over. We were giddy. After firing it up, we quickly discovered the overt and unjustifiable flaws in a … Read more

You’ve Got To See The New Modern Trailer For The Empire Strikes Back

With The Force Awakens dominating the box office and taking over social media, we can’t forget about the classics that defined the franchise. One hardcore Star Wars fan took it upon himself to re-create the trailer for The Empire Strikes Back, giving it a more modern feel. The Empire Strikes Back is an amazing film, easily one of the best … Read more