Everything You Need To Know About Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Arno

Ubisoft decided to reveal a bit more information about Arno, the main protagonist of the latest upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity video game. This information comes from Travis Stout, the main single-player scriptwriter for the game. According to the blog post from Ubisoft, Arno seems to be a more stubborn assassin. He grew up in a … Read more

Octodad Heading To PlayStation 4

The highly anticipated indie title known as Octodad is currently being looked at through the Sony quality assurance department. If everything is approved, players will be able to take control of this octopus posing as just a normal human man on the PlayStation 4. A developer spokesperson took to Reddit announcing that a port for Octodad has … Read more

Leaked details of ‘Modern Warfare 4’ Gameplay

A YouTube personality that goes by the username of Drift0r revealed some very interesting news in his recently uploaded video that may be the next Call of Duty. He says that “somebody inside the Call of Duty machine” leaked him some insider information by showing him a “variety of media files”. Drift0r is the same … Read more

GTA V Details Break Cover

GTA V is currently the most awaited game in the present gaming scenario. Does not come as a surprise as the GTA series is one of the most loved and followed among games of all times. GTA created a world of its own in a genre defining manner and no other similar game could even … Read more

GTA V – Lots of new details revealed

As the release date is creeping closer for Grand Theft Auto 5, it seems that more and more information keeps popping up about the new game. A lot of the details has already been confirmed by Rockstar and the very reliable Famitsu. They haven’t necessarily given every single detail of the game, but they have … Read more

10 PS4 Secrets You Didn’t Know

The next gen console from the house of Sony, the PlayStation 4, is grabbing headlines for all the right reasons with Sony making all the right moves. Though Microsoft has released a similar next gen console, the Xbox One, it is behind the PlayStation 4 in almost all aspects and most importantly usability and popularity. … Read more

Yoshida: ‘PS4 version of multiplatform games must be considered the best’

During an interview with Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, he shared his thoughts on the future of the game industry – and how the PS4  will perfectly fit in. Yoshida explained the challenges for the PS4 will be more friendly for third-party developers to make games. He also stated  the PS4  specs are not the only important things in … Read more