Octodad Heading To PlayStation 4

The highly anticipated indie title known as Octodad is currently being looked at through the Sony quality assurance department. If everything is approved, players will be able to take control of this octopus posing as just a normal human man on the PlayStation 4.

A developer spokesperson took to Reddit announcing that a port for Octodad has been finished for the PlayStation 4. There’s even full support for PlayStation Move if you’re so bold to give that a go. Apparently, the game will be retailing for $14.99 on the PlayStation Network but don’t expect this title to land as a PlayStation Plus video game of the month.

Right now, Octodad is being looked at by the Sony quality assurance department and if everything passes, we will be seeing the game release later this month. Octodad plays out as an octopus trying to live a normal human man in disguise. Though throughout the game, players will have to try and maintain a low profile while keeping up with a daily routine. Seems as if your family and other characters will slowly start to see pas the disguise but will you be able to convince them you’re just a regular human?