GTA V – Lots of new details revealed

As the release date is creeping closer for Grand Theft Auto 5, it seems that more and more information keeps popping up about the new game. A lot of the details has already been confirmed by Rockstar and the very reliable Famitsu.

They haven’t necessarily given every single detail of the game, but they have been cooperative in releasing minor information about the upcoming title.

The game will launch September 19th 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Next-gen versions of the title has not been confirmed yet.

Here’s a list of new information which has been recently revealed about the Game. It contains 12 points in total. You can check the list below –

  •  The special abilities of each character can be activated with the L3.
  •  Franklin starts at the bottom on the ladder of crime, restoring cars for Armenian ‘crappy’ named Simeon Yetaria.
  •  ATMs can be used to check the balance of the protagonists.
  • You can pick up hitchhikers on the streets and then leave them in their ideal destination.
  • Playing as Michael – The ATMs can be stolen with a minigame, if we want.
  • Internet cafes have been removed. Now you can navigate (even in social networks from the game) and watch videos on the mobile phone of our character.
  • You will be able to drill a gas tank, drive the car into a group of enemies, then run and catch the trail to blow the car into the air.
  • Hundreds of accessories available to customize your pet.
  • Your dog can die or lose. You can buy a new pet in a pet stores spread over Los Santos.
  • You can hunt the animals and sell the meat obtained factories or farms. (Which are bought by Burger Shot)
  • You can leave your car parked on the street, but if you put the ticket, the crane can take him. But you can recover in the warehouse prior municipal payment if you want to lose after having invested your money in editing.
  • There are underwater exploration missions. They are considered by Rockstar as a game “apart”.