Rockstar releases Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots

Rockstar has just released screenshot images of their open world, action adventure upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto V. I like how half of these screenshots are all scenic and beautiful, like the beautiful city night sky. The other half just represents what grand theft auto is all about. By just looking at the images, you … Read more

Rockstar says recent GTA V Leaks are all Fake

Ever since Gamescom occurred, it seems that more and more new information on Grand Theft Auto 5 has been coming out of the blue. Due to a mistake, the game was recently discovered on the PSN where it was available to download. Many people happened to download the game, and post their discovery on the … Read more

GTA V – Lots of new details revealed

As the release date is creeping closer for Grand Theft Auto 5, it seems that more and more information keeps popping up about the new game. A lot of the details has already been confirmed by Rockstar and the very reliable Famitsu. They haven’t necessarily given every single detail of the game, but they have … Read more

GTA V to sell 18 million ,Could possibly outmatch Call of Duty

Strene Agee’s Arvind Bhatia has estimated Grand Theft Auto V’s development costs to be around 137.5 million. He also estimates its marketing budget to be anything between 69-137.5 million. The development team comprises of around 250 people who’s worked more than five years on the game. He also estimated the game’s sales to generate operating … Read more