GTA V Details Break Cover

GTA V is currently the most awaited game in the present gaming scenario. Does not come as a surprise as the GTA series is one of the most loved and followed among games of all times. GTA created a world of its own in a genre defining manner and no other similar game could even come close to competing with it in any way.

GTA V is slated to release on September 17. With the release imminent, we are hungry for details of the game and Rockstar have been wisely revealing details periodically to keep everyone interested.

As a recent development, more details have been revealed about GTA V and we bring them to you, our valued readers.

A variety of 8 pets can be purchased in-game, including 6 different species of dogs. However, take good care of your pets as they can be killed or lost.

As a deviation from its predecessor, internet cafes have been removed from the game. Internet can be accessed from the mobile phone provided and most of the apartments and houses owned by the player.

You can remain anonymous in the game while undertaking any mission by the use of masks. Moreover, there will be a series of underwater missions in the game which have been touted to be very profitable.


Each of the three main characters have their own missions and take control of their own issues. Along with comedy shows, they can now go watch concerts and gigs, with special guest appearances. However, they can become fatigued which can make you to switch through them regularly. Players can also ‘fast-travel’ through various safehouses across the map.

A total of 16 radio stations have been included in the game. So, a few familiar voices will surely be heard. Also, the game’s economy system is pretty dynamic and the real estate prices can vary in response to the economy.

Here are the new details that have been revealed for GTA V. How did you like them? Did the details excite you? It sure did for me and am already thinking of the many vistas that the recent developments will open up in the game and make it more interesting than ever. Do let us know you views in the comments below.