The EA Boss Fired For Sexual Harassment Is Being Defended By The Public

The general public is weighing in on EA’s decision to fire a high-up boss on the grounds of sexual harassment. Jean Philippe Grenet had taken a €160,000-a-year job working for the gaming giant, but held the position for only six months following a dismissal for sexual harassment. The sexual harassment allegations reportedly come from Grenet telling … Read more

Strip Fortnite

Children Are Reportedly Playing ‘Strip Fortnite’ Online

If you thought the Fortnite craze was near its end, you’re apparently wrong, as kids are now taking Epic Games’ epic game to the next level – by adding in nudity. According to a report from The Telegraph, pupils of a UK primary school have been found playing the twisted game, which is being dubbed ‘Strip … Read more

Toys R Us Is Coming Back After Its Bankruptcy Auction Gets Cancelled

Toys R Us sadly shut its doors not too long ago, leaving people across the globe absolutely devastated. Stores were rushed by shoppers eager to nab themselves discounted toys as Toys R Us declared bankruptcy and Geoffrey the Giraffe packed his bags. However, in a very unexpected turn of events, it looks like Geoffrey might be … Read more

Evolve delayed so it can be more “polish”

It was reported before  that the upcoming game from Turtle Rock Studios, Evolve would be pushed back until February of 2015. In a call last night, CEO Strauss Zelnick stated  “we primarily decided that the title deserves and should have more time to be polished so it can reach its absolute optimal state before we release it. And … Read more