The EA Boss Fired For Sexual Harassment Is Being Defended By The Public

The general public is weighing in on EA’s decision to fire a high-up boss on the grounds of sexual harassment.

Jean Philippe Grenet had taken a €160,000-a-year job working for the gaming giant, but held the position for only six months following a dismissal for sexual harassment.

Credit: Pixabay

The sexual harassment allegations reportedly come from Grenet telling a colleague that a company discussion shouldn’t become a matter of “who has the bigger d*ck.”

Earlier this month, Grenet’s lawyers told the High Court the remark was “clumsy” but not sexual.

The issue of sexual harassment has barely been out of the headlines since the popular #MeToo movement of 2017 encouraged people to step forward about their experiences of abuse and harassment.

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In the case of Grenet however, people are taking sides with the former EA boss, branding the female colleague as “fragile.”

The “who has a bigger d*ck” phrase is commonly used in place of the word “ego,” with lots of people accusing the woman of using the #MeToo movement and its consequences in the workplace against Grenet.

Credit: EA

In court, Grenet also argued that the woman in question was looking to take his job, having had applied for the role in the past [via News].

Jean Philippe Grenet is currently appealing the case – and his dismissal from EA – with the High Court.