Toys R Us Is Coming Back After Its Bankruptcy Auction Gets Cancelled

Toys R Us sadly shut its doors not too long ago, leaving people across the globe absolutely devastated.

Stores were rushed by shoppers eager to nab themselves discounted toys as Toys R Us declared bankruptcy and Geoffrey the Giraffe packed his bags.

However, in a very unexpected turn of events, it looks like Geoffrey might be making a comeback, as news has emerged that Toys R Us is set for a comeback!


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the controlling lenders behind Toys R Us “intend to revive the business behind the Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us brand names,” pulling out of the brand’s bankruptcy auction.

The publication also reported that the aim is to “create new, domestic, retail operating businesses,” at least according to court documents that were filed earlier in the week.

The Toys R Us brand has essentially decided it’s just too valuable to give up on, and let’s face it – they’re absolutely right.

Thousands of people were left devastated and heart-broken at the announcement of the closure, with people flocking to post final vlogs in their local stores before they shut for good.

The industry is also reported to have seen a signification loss, with The Wall Street Journal stating that “the absence of Toys ‘R’ Us has also left an $11 billion hole in the toy industry.”


So far it seems the revival plans are only in place for the US, but who knows what the future might hold?


Are you excited for the return of Toys R Us?