Children Are Reportedly Playing ‘Strip Fortnite’ Online

If you thought the Fortnite craze was near its end, you’re apparently wrong, as kids are now taking Epic Games’ epic game to the next level – by adding in nudity.

Credit: Epic Games

According to a report from The Telegraph, pupils of a UK primary school have been found playing the twisted game, which is being dubbed ‘Strip Fortnite.’

Parents of children aged 12 and under at a school in Leeds, UK, are being warned that games were being played on webcam, with children who get kills in the game having to remove an item of clothing.

Credit: Epic Games

School headteacher Naomi Wood stated to parents: “The School Nursing Team have suggested that we share the following information with you.“Many of you may be aware of the risks and concerns around children playing the online game Fortnite, which has a 12 rating but is played by much younger children.

“We have been made aware of an emerging trend, where people are playing strip Fortnite using webcams.

“The rule is that when you achieve a “kill” (elimination) you have to strip off, potentially adding an additional risk from children being exposed to and/or sharing indecent images whilst playing the game.”

Credit: Epic Games

The warning has been issued because of the potential risk the game can pose to children, as a larger focus on is placed on protecting children from online sexual abuse.

This news comes soon after the rapper 2 Milly is officially suing Fortnite over the use of ‘his dance’.

The NSPCC has previously warned that over one in 20 children who have live streamed have also been coerced into removing their clothes for viewers [via The Telegraph].

Hopefully, the worrying trend will be clamped down on sooner rather than later.

Epic Games has not yet responded to the allegations.

Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite has also been accused of turning kids into zombies, stealing away hours upon hours of their lives and causing them to fall asleep in school, fail classes and even get violent.

Video game addiction is now recognised by the World Health Organisation, but it’s now being claimed that Fortnite is responsible for actually sending kids to rehab.

According to Bloomberg, parents are now sending their children to rehab as their gaming addictions spiral out of control.