Yoshida: ‘PS4 version of multiplatform games must be considered the best’

During an interview with Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, he shared his thoughts on the future of the game industry – and how the PS4  will perfectly fit in. Yoshida explained the challenges for the PS4 will be more friendly for third-party developers to make games. He also stated  the PS4  specs are not the only important things in the  system that is easy to develop for but  the console would not budge from its place beneath the TV set.

“In terms of the ‘war for the living room’, we have no intention of abandoning that approach. After all, Sony is a company that has a long history of making audio-visual products that are designed for the living room, so this is a natural course for us. If anything it’s the other companies that have changed course by moving into this space.”

“Recently there has been a lot of talk about smart TV and devices that can also play games,” he said. “When we first introduced PS4, we wanted to avoid giving the message that it can also do this and can also do that. We wanted to show a focus on just the most important aspect of the console.

“We want to change for the better the way people play games and the way people make games. Yes, you can use this console for things like watching a Blu-ray or Netflix, but that is not its main purpose. The hardware is designed specifically for games. After all, new games will never be in short supply.”

It’s nice to know Sony is taking a initiative to ensure that PS4 proves to be the best platform for developing next-gen multi-platform titles.