10 PS4 Secrets You Didn’t Know

The next gen console from the house of Sony, the PlayStation 4, is grabbing headlines for all the right reasons with Sony making all the right moves. Though Microsoft has released a similar next gen console, the Xbox One, it is behind the PlayStation 4 in almost all aspects and most importantly usability and popularity.

Although Sony has revealed much about the PS4, there are still some cool stuff about the PS4 that you do not know about. We are here to change that. Compiled here is a list of 10 cool facts about the PS4 that you should know.

1. PSN friend limit to increase

Sony is targeting core gamers as their primary audience for the PS4. With this is mind, Sony is increasing the PSN friend limit from the current cap of 100.

2. Large hard drive in the PS4

The the size of the hard drive that will be included in the PS4 will be of considerable size. Though no further details have been revealed as yet, Sony has announced that there will be a “a very large hard drive in every console”.

3. DualShock 4: Digital Buttons


The face buttons on the DualShock 3 were analog, i.e. they could sense pressure and change input accordingly. However, the DualShock 4 uses digital buttons. Also, the L2/R2 buttons are curved to nullify accidental forwarding on Netflix. The touchpad resolution of the controller is 1920×900.

4. Controller charging in sleep mode


Gamers rejoice. Finally the sleep mode charging of the DualShock controller has been included. The DualShock 3 required the console to be on in order to be charged. However, the DualShock 4 has no such requirements; it can be charged in sleep mode.

5. Headset to be bundled with the console

No mic was bundled with the PS3. As a result, the PlayStation Network turned out to be quiet place. All that is going to change because the PS4 is putting a headset in every box to foster good communication among users.

6. PS Eye to enhance PS4 user experience

The PlayStation Eye for the PS4 will have a dedicated port on the console with an exclusive SCE connector. Sony has listed a bunch of potential uses for the PS Eye like  walkthrough videos, taunting in killcam, login, and speech recognition. Want to hear something amazing? If you are playing split-screen with a friend and switch places with him, the camera will flip the split screen as per your convenience.

7. Real names can be used on the PSN


Real names can be used on the PSN when you import friends from social networks. This, however, depends on you and you can also choose which of your PlayStation only friends see your real name.

8. Mandatory recording

Stuff like recording footage and sharing content automatically comes with the PS4 irrespective of games. The PS4 does all this on its own and developers don’t have to put anything special in their code to make these happen.

9. Remote play


Though remote play has been around for a while, it does not have much usability till now. However, PS4 and the PS Vita are looking to change that. Screens will be mirrored when you connect through a local network or the internet, i.e. both the screens will be working, unlike the PS3/Vita. Remote Play can be started anytime on the PS4.

10. Colors to identify players

The light bar on the DualShock 4 will identify the players. The color/player relation will always be the same. Player 1 will always be blue, Player 2 red, Player 3 green, and Player 4 pink. Also, the light bar on the controller will display health, muzzle flashes from guns and the like.

You can see that the PlayStation 4 has a lot of nifty features that only add to the awesomeness level that the PS4 has attained. We can only begin to comprehend what a revolution the PS4 will usher in.

What do you think about these awesome lesser known features of the PS4? Do let us know.