Did You Know That Master Chief Urinates In His Armour?

This is almost certainly the weirdest headline I’ve written this week, but did you know that Master Chief urinates inside his Spartan armour? It’s obvious when you think about it, to be fair. Where else is he going to stop to relieve himself? It’s not like Doctor Halsey designed the Spartan armour to include flies. … Read more

Players Discover Hilarious Craig Easter Egg In Halo Infinite Campaign

Craig, the meme of a Brute from last year’s Halo Infinite gameplay reveal, has been immortalised as an Easter egg inside the final game. Despite Halo Infinte’s disappointing gameplay reveal last year, there was one saving grace – we met Craig for the first time. He’s a lovable Brute that puts on a smile, even … Read more

Is Halo Infinite Getting An Early Access Version? Reports Suggest So

An early access version of Halo Infinite has been found online on the Microsoft store. The “Early Access Digital Bundle” was supposedly added to the store recently, but there’s no confirmation of what it actually is. It looks like a way to play Halo Infinite earlier for an additional cost, but no details were given. … Read more

dr dis

Dr Disrespect Thinks Halo Infinite Needs A Battle Royale

We got a fresh look at Halo Infinite’s campaign recently, and many fans are excited to get stuck into some more Halo action with Master Chief. However, Dr Disrespect isn’t impressed. In fact, he says it’ll fail after “3 weeks” if it doesn’t have a battle royale mode at launch. He claims the game doesn’t … Read more

Things You May Have Missed In The Halo Infinite Campaign Showcase

343 Industries has finally given us a first look at the Halo Infinite campaign since July 2020, and it didn’t disappoint. But there are quite a few details some players may have missed. The showcase was only 6 minutes long, but 343 managed to cram a lot of information into that time. For example, it … Read more